Sasq-Watch Action Team   


Mission Statement

Sasq-Watch Action Team presents and examines evidence which might prove or disprove the existence of relict hominids in North America, using empirical data and physical evidence.

Sasq-Watch Action Team offers scientists, trained observers, and others interested in the furtherance of biology, 
anthropology, and forest ecology, a forum for information related to relict hominids.  You are welcome to participate in this forum, and to present, identify, and evaluate evidentiary findings related to relict hominids. 

Why We Are Different

The Sasq-Watch Action Team is interested in real data, scientifically sound evidence, and corroborated accounts.  We seek to prove that Sasquatch either do exist, or do not exist, through presentation of evidence that will stand up to public and scientific scrutiny.

Why Should You Get Involved
There is a preponderance of very poor quality, uncorroborated, unsubstantiated, belief-laden, and sensationalized information out there being presented as evidence of the existence of Sasquatch.  Sasq-Watch Action Team invites you to participate in our effort to present solid data, and conduct peer-reviewable tests.  If you believe you can make a worthwhile contribution, we invite you to participate by simply contacting us to discuss your evidence, experiences, eyewitness accounts, past or future experimentation, or the results of your field work.

Check out the new article by Nick Marinoff, discussing the Patterson-Gimlin film.

What Constitutes Evidence
The Sasq-Watch Action Team generally (but not always) discounts the following:
1)   Uncorroborated, unreliable eyewitness accounts. 
2)   Videos showing out-of-focus, dark, moving blobs.
3)   Blurry photographs.
4)   Self-anointed experts, with no scientific background.
5)   Obvious hoaxes, staged videos, or altered photos.
6)   Persons wishing to profit or derive privilege, fame, or notoriety from presentation of evidence.

The Sasq-Watch Action Team actively invites the following:
1)   Testable, repeatable, quantifiable, verifiable experiments, using scientifically accepted methodology.
2)   Well-focused, unedited photography and videography that is corroborated by several reliable, trained observers.
3)   Physical evidence in the form of tissues, bones, teeth, or hair, which has been DNA tested and verified belonging to unidentified hominids, and which has not been obtained by the killing, injuring, or capturing a living species.
4)   Documented interaction with the species, attended, witnessed, or corroborated by several reliable, trained observers.
5)   Eyewitness accounts from reliable sources, preferably with corroboration.
6)   Other empirical and measurable verification subject to scientific evaluation.

Sasq-Watch Action Team will not accept evidence from any animal, hominid, or person that was harmed in any way, captured, or killed to obtain tissue samples.

Sasq-Watch Action Team presents and evaluates evidence of relict hominids, Bigfoot or Sasquatch, living in North America, using empirical & physical evidence.
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