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Sasq-Watch Action Team will evaluate and post evidence and eye-witness accounts from reliable sources.  All evidence presented must meet certain criteria for scientific standards. Eye-witness accounts are scrutinized for consistency, reliability, truthfulness, motivation, presentation of facts, the experience, training, and education of the reporter, and other factors.  

We will continue to post new evidence as it arrives.

Corroborated Eye-Witness Account: May 26, 2012.  Location Highway 80, in the Sierra Nevada, between Auburn and Truckee, CA.


On Saturday, May 26, 2012, I was driving eastbound on Highway 80 through the Sierra, returning home from a trip to Sacramento.  My wife was present with me in my vehicle.  The sun was setting, but there was still plenty of daylight.  The weather was sunny and clear.  Roads were dry. Temperatures were in the low 40’s F.  Traffic was very light, and there were no other vehicles visible in front of me traveling eastbound on the roadway.  Only occasional traffic was seen traveling in the westbound lanes.  I was traveling at 65 miles per hour.  This section of Highway 80 is a divided highway with two westbound lands and two eastbound lanes separated by a forested median.  The Yuba River closely parallels the eastbound lanes at this section of roadway.

At approximately 7:35 PM, at a point approximately 1.5 miles east of the eastbound XXXXXXXXXX exit, I observed two individuals run across both eastbound lanes of Highway 80 directly in front of my vehicle. They crossed from north to south. 

This is a very remote area of Highway 80, with no nearby towns, rest stops, or facilities.  The area is forested, rugged, and mountainous.  I observed there were no vehicles pulled over on the shoulder of the roadway, no nearby traffic accidents, no off-road vehicles visible, and no other obvious reason why two individuals would be in this remote area without a nearby vehicle.

The two individuals were about 400 feet in front of me when they first appeared on the roadway.  My wife, sitting next to me in the front passenger seat, was also looking straight ahead.  I pointed to the running figures, and asked: “Why are those people running across the road here?” My wife watched the figures run across the road, and then said: “Those aren’t people.”

My vehicle was approaching the individuals as they ran across the road, and I was able to see them clearly.  I observed the two individuals were brownish grey in color from head to foot.  They wore no discernable clothing, no shoes, had on no backpacks, and held nothing in their hands.  They appeared to be fully covered in dense, short hair.  Their heads appeared to be disproportionately large for their bodies. Their arms appeared to be slightly longer than what is typical for people.  They ran upright like normal people. Their strides, as they were running, were exceptionally long, as though they were gracefully loping.  Both individuals ran together, a few feet apart, and were able to cross both lanes of eastbound pavement in just a few strides.  Neither subject looked at my vehicle as they ran across the highway.  After reaching the shoulder of the highway, both individuals stopped running, and turned westward, toward my vehicle.  Although I could see their faces, they did not look directly my vehicle. They took several steps on the shoulder of the road, and then turned and walked into the wooded area along the south side of the highway. 

When I first saw the individuals cross the road in front of my vehicle, I started decelerating. My vehicle reached the spot at the roadway where they disappeared into the woods in about 4 to 5 seconds from when I first observed them cross the road.  At that point, my vehicle had slowed to about 30 miles per hour. My wife and I both looked into the wooded area, but we could no longer see them. 

During this experience, I observed nothing that might indicate the individuals could be wearing costumes, camo or ghillie suits, or fur suits.  They also ran much faster than a normal human could achieve, and did so with no apparent difficulty.  They appeared graceful, and did not appear to be concerned with the nearby presence of my vehicle.

End of report.

Un-corroborated Eye-Witness Account: August 13, 1980.  Location Humboldt County between Arcata and Crescent City, CA.

Although the Sasq-Watch Action Team generally is not interested in uncorroborated eyewitness accounts, we feel one such account in particular does merit attention.

A note on Witness Credibility

The witness, (deleted) , has formal training in biology and forest ecology. He has taught life sciences and physics.  He has trained and served as a police officer, has passed polygraph tests and psychological evaluations, and is a trained observer.  He is licensed both as a pilot and a vessel captain.  He currently works in broadcast news production, and is recognized for his journalistic integrity. He is experienced with video editing techniques, costuming, computer generated graphics, and special effects. He has spent decades exploring wild areas of California. He has never made another claim or account of a sighting.  Finally, he has never publicized this claim, and has never sought publicity or money regarding this account.  

After our interview with him, Sasq-Watch Action Team found him to be highly reliable, credible, and truthful.  The witness requested that his name, and the name of the other person in his narrative, be removed to protect privacy.  Sasq-Watch Action Team also obscured the exact date and location to discourage “poachers”.


“During the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, I was a student at Humboldt State University, studying forestry and ecology. In mid August of 1980, during my summer break, I received an out-of-town guest, Elisabeth G. Elisa, who had never before been to the redwoods.

On the morning of August 13, 1980, I offered to take her to see fern canyon State Park, a popular tourist spot along the coast in northern Humboldt County. The weather was cold, overcast, and drizzly, not unusual for coastal Humboldt County in August.

We drove Northbound on Highway 101 to the park entrance.  After exiting the highway, and proceeding through the park on paved roads, we continued along a dirt road for several more miles until reaching the end of the road.  Along the dirt road, nearing the parking area at the end, I observed tall beach grass on the ocean side of the road, and dense redwood forest on the inland side of the road.  We parked in a small dirt parking area at the end of the road.

Upon arrival at the dirt parking area, I observed there were no other vehicles in the parking area. I did not observe any other vehicles since leaving the paved park roads.   

Jane and I hiked in the area for about an hour.  From prior visits, I knew this area to be popular with tourists, but I did not observe any hikers, bikers, walkers, or any other people around during our hike. We then returned to the parking area.  My vehicle was still the only vehicle parked there.  I unlocked my vehicle, and invited Jane to remain by the vehicle while I went to use a portable outhouse a short distance away.

I walked up the dirt road from the parking area about 200 feet.  As I turned left to follow a dirt path to the outhouse, I observed a black male person (Subject), about 30 feet away from me, walking toward me, through waist-high grass. He appeared to be approaching to cross the dirt road. I turned left and took several more steps before I stopped walking, realizing something was not right. Subject had by then crossed the road and was entering the forest.  I immediately jogged up the road about 40 feet, to the place where Subject had entered the woods. I did not follow  Subject into the woods.

Although this encounter only lasted the time it took Subject to take 4 or 5 strides, I observed some peculiarities, which I thought very unusual. Subject had very black skin, and was completely naked.  I placed Subject’s apparent age at mid to late 20s. Subject’s head, arms, shoulders, and legs were covered with short, straight, dense black hair. Subject’s chest and abdomen were less hairy and his abdominal and pectoral muscles were visible.  I did not observe Subject’s back. I estimated Subject’s height to be between 6’ 8” to 6’ 10”, further observing that the top of my head, at 5’ 11”, would have come up to just below Subject’s shoulder.  Subject’s face was not obscured by hair, and I was able to clearly observe Subject’s face.  Subject did not look directly at me. I observed unusual facial features.  Subject had a very pronounced supraorbital ridge, a flattish nose, and pronounced maxillary and mandibular prognathism.  Although Subject very closely resembled a human, there were clearly apparent departures from typical human features. Subject was not apelike. He walked normally upright. He made no sounds or vocalizations.  His hands were empty, and carried no tools.

I assumed Subject must have seen me, as I was unobscurred walking along the dirt road.  Subject was not looking at me when I saw him.  Subject did not appear to be wearing any kind of fur suit, costume, theatrical make-up, wig, or fabric of any kind.  Subject’s movements appeared natural, and not rehearsed or forced.  He appeared calm, and his walk appeared relaxed.

I walked back to the car, where Jane had been waiting.  I observed my hands were trembling.  When I reached my vehicle, Jane inquired if I had gotten sick.  She is a registered nurse who, at that time, worked in a trauma center. She said I must have gotten sick because I was “white as a sheet”.  I had not gotten sick.  I asked her if she had seen “anything out of the ordinary” during the short time I was away from my vehicle.  She said she was waiting for me, sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle, which was facing in the opposite direction that I was walking, and she did not see anything strange.

After returning home, I called the ranger district office that services the park.  I spoke with the ranger who was in charge of the area, and explained to him what I had seen.  The ranger thanked me for my observation, and said he would increase his vigilance for the safety of park visitors.”

Image of Picanthropus sculpture, ca. 1916, USGS photo


The Sasq-Watch Action Team took a close look at this account for several reasons.  The witness is reliable, and trained in forest ecology.  He had no desire to make his name public.  The anatomical details of the subject really got our attention.  This witness’s observations contain details that are biologically relevant, and of interest to anthropologists and paleobiologists.

Could this witness simply have seen a large, naked, hairy, black man out for a walk in the weeds, many miles away from the nearest town, during cold, drizzly weather? We find that highly improbable, but not impossible. 

Could this have been a misidentification of some kind?  Was it actually a bear, cow, elk, lowland gorilla, huge chimpanzee, of some other well-described mammal?  We find this also highly improbable. The witness was able to demonstrate a clear and substantial knowledge of local fauna and flora.

What’s missing, of course, is physical proof.  But this account is thought-provoking enough for the Sasq-Watch Action Team to seek scientifically sound evidence that might corroborate details such as described above.

Sasq-Watch Action Team presents and evaluates evidence of relict hominids, Bigfoot or Sasquatch, living in North America, using empirical & physical evidence.

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